CBC Technical Team has developed a systematic and proven process-oriented program to identify potential areas of process improvement and to implement those changes. A program targeted toward the maximum productivity for the life of your rotating shaft assets, which in the end shall improve plant up-time and productivity.


Changes to production demands, methods and techniques have brought changes to traditional asset management programs. Therefore, optimizing asset performance through improved uptime availability, extended maintenance cycles and enhanced reliability increases overall  cost-effectiveness. In the end, those actions can dramatically improve your company’s energy efficiency.


Our approach is to build and run as asset performance optimization program that gets real and measurable results – a unique combination of services tailored to meet your specific needs and circumstances.

Run-In Phase 


We can help you to avoid costly premature failure through recommendations and the implementation of correct fitting tolerance and practices.

Useful Life Phase 


Our site surveys and software systems help you to identify your site’s major mechanical componentry and parts. Our condition monitoring programs can detect early signs of impending failure. Our expertise will ensure that your equipment is lubricated correctly and efficiently.

Wear-Out Phase 


We can increase monitoring to detect fatigue (normal wear from use) and provide detailed root-cause analysis.

At CBC, our specialist services and technical expertise are what set us apart from the pack. We understand the plant uptime is a critical part of every operation, our team of qualified specialist engineers and service providers are dedicated to assist with all your engineering requirements

Andrew Sirl, Technical Service Manager

CBC Engineered Solutions :

Design & Drafting


Product Application Engineering


Reverse Engineering


Installation & Commissioning


Mincom Linkone


Condition Monitoring – Oil Sampling

Corrective Services


Special Purpose Manufacture


Component Standardisation


Asset Care & Rotables


Magnetic Filtration


Environmental Solutions

Welcoming The New Normal.